Ads of the month: February ’22

Ads of the month February - Disney, Nissan and Gousto
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PXYZ ads of the month February '22
Playground xyz Ads of the Month: February 2021

Fullscreen for the win

Our fullscreen HangTime format is the go-to for brands looking to capture the attention of their audiences. Check out a selection of the best-performing ad creatives to run across the PXYZ network in February, featuring attention-grabbing fullscreen ads from Disney, Nissan and Gousto.

Playground xyz ad of the month February '22 - Disney Death on the Nile
Ad of the month: Disney. Click to view ad demo.


Playground xyz format: HangTime Video

In run-up to the streaming release of Death on the Nile, Disney and APEX knew that a fullscreen video format would be the best way to showcase the film and its star-studded cast. Securing Attention Time scores 29% over regional benchmarks for the format, this ad was one of the best performing executions in February.

Ad of the month: Nissan. Click to view ad demo.


Playground xyz format: HangTime

With short, simple copy and striking imagery, this ad for the latest Nissan Navara secured Attention Time scores 28% above regional benchmarks, proving that creatives don’t need to be complicated to make an impression.

Ad of the month: Gousto. Click to view ad demo.


Playground xyz format: HangTime

Part of a core brand campaign for Gousto, this particular ad saw several stages of messaging appear throughout the scroll, relating the multitude of family-friendly recipes on offer. Securing Attention Time scores 24% above regional benchmarks, this creative was just one of a selection of strong performing ads for the campaign.

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