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A game-changing new metric: Attention Time

Attention Time: simply the length of time, in seconds, your ad was actually looked at. Because it captures a consumer’s interest in an ad, it’s a hugely powerful measure of ad relevance and resonance, and is changing the way digital ad effectiveness is judged.

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Attention Intelligence Platform

How it works

Attention signals are changing the way digital campaigns are planned, delivered an optimised. Find out Attention Time works, including how it uses real eye-tracking data, and its advantages over traditional mertics like Viewability and CTR.

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Playground xyz is on a mission to master the art and science of maximising consumer attention. The company’s Attention Intelligence Platform comprises a comprehensive suite of products to help advertisers create, measure and optimise attention-grabbing ads. Playground xyz has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York and Los Angeles.