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“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes … the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo”

Is this just a familiar quote or something that speaks to you? Are you a creative person that can code and design? Do you obsess over everything being perfect – from fluid animations to flawless deployments. Do you want a job where you’re not in a convenient, easy to define designer or developer job title bucket? Do you want to work somewhere where this hybrid creative skill set is not only shared in an entire team of people who think and feel just like you but also a team where it’s a requirement? If this is you, read on and push this change with us.

We’re the Creative Product team here at Playground. Our mission is to find the moonshots on the technological horizon. Projects that can radically and dramatically shift the entire currency and focus of ad-tech for our customers. We’re disruptors through creativity and known in the market for being ‘the cool creative guys’. We genuinely enjoy what we do and enter every day enthusiastically trying to learn something new while leaving our mark on the world. And It works! We’ve won a bunch of industry awards with our design-led software impressing many people in the industry.

We’ve managed to slowly prove our worth to the (just as awesome) higher-ups here that now want us to expand this team and build more of this shiny good stuff.

That’s where you come in. So hit us up if;

People love working with you

  • You have a slick portfolio/Github of shiny good stuff
  • You think you could do the stuff on our website better than us
  • You can code in a couple of the in things but any new thing is no big deal for you and just a few lessons away. Lessons you’d do with us, during work hours. We’ve got experts at everything always willing to help each-other.
  • You enjoy working in teams, listening, empathising and elevating others.
  • You love discovery and validating your ideas through research and customer data

Here you’d be working on anything and everything. We jump from websites to iOS app prototypes to internal team automation. There’s no one technology we make you use. We’re light and agile using our creative and development skills to rapidly spin-up prototypes and test our ideas. It’s fast, dynamic and fun. If you like being creative, tinkering and learning new things you’ll love your day-to-day here.

We know what we’re asking for is a needle in a haystack type stuff … but if you love this ad, fit the requirements and meet us, we’re pretty sure it’s likely we’d fall in love with each other. So don’t worry, we’ve got a competitive salary ready to make sure we land you.

Please send your CV, portfolio and a cover letter describing why you’re the crazy, misfit Creative Developer that will change our status quo to: Ensure you let us know how you drink your coffee in the cover letter.

Open to Australians and permanent residents only

  • Location: Sydney HQ
  • Job type: Flexible working (1-2 days in CBD office)
  • Supervisor: CPT (Creative Products Team) Lead

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