Creative Technologist

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We Are:

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Read through briefs placed on our Kanban board by our sales team or producer
  • Ideation on idea where necessary to come up with the best solution for the brand you are responding to
  • Working to complete briefs through a combination of design and development skills on our studio platform
  • Juggling competing deadlines and be cognitive and assertive with prioritisation and communication around timeline feasibilities
  • Risk and dependency management skills to anticipate roadblocks and flag them or fix them when necessary.
  • Communicate and maintain positive relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Sit in on creative kick-off meetings or brainstorm and offer expert advice.
  • Working with our cutting edge Attention tracking technology to determine best creative practice to result in best Attention Time.

Key skills:

  • Multitasker able to work under pressure: be comfortable managing and prioritising a range of different projects with multiple design and development requirements with multiple stakeholders, in a calm and methodical way.
  • Advanced understanding of code development: have experience working JavaScript (JQuery), CSS and HTML to produce outstanding work with a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the field.
  • Deep understanding of design: have experience working with the creation of graphical elements (bonus points if it is digital media specific) and have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the field.
  • Stakeholder management: translate very technical terminology to non-digital stakeholders.
  • Keen eye for detail and understanding of brand: be naturally inclined towards spotting the devil in the details and flag them before they make it to the client desk. Be able to help in decision making about if a design does or does not meet the client branding requirements.


  • Experience working in the advertising/media industry.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Design, Frontend development or relevant field.
  • Experience working with REACT, PHP or other server side frameworks
  • Proven track record of working in agile teams.
  • UX / UI skills
  • Killer serve in table tennis.

To apply

If you’d like to apply to be our new Digital Designer, please send your CV, portfolio and a cover letter describing why you’re the crazy misfit for this team that will change our status quo to:

Open to Australians and permanent residents only.

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