Sales Director, Midwest

Team: Sales Location: Chicago
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PLAYGROUND XYZ is a marketing technology business that started in Sydney and now with operations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, London, Los Angeles and New York. Now just under 6 years old and 60+ employees we’re a team of digital natives who like to trailblaze, do things differently and have fun along the way.

Our mission is to master the art and science of maximizing attention. To do this, we’ve built the world’s first AI that can measure how long an ad was looked at (a metric we call Attention Time). Fuelled and verified by real eye tracking data, but able to throw off the shackles of panels and instead scale infinitely across the world wide web, our AI is set to revolutionize the way that digital media is measured, bought and sold.

To date, we’ve used the AI to build and hone a suite of high impact, attention grabbing ad formats and a high attention marketplace (our integrated / coupled offering – think Kargo or Teads on steroids). Now, we’re embarking on our standalone attention measurement and optimization offering (our de-coupled / DMP play – think Moat or IAS for attention). Together our goal is that both product lines will create a frenzy around Attention Time as a metric and currency.

We’re already winning awards (IAB etc) for the new tech. We’re a leader in APAC and growing quickly in EMEA. Your job is to capitalise on our momentum and translate that to the US to guide us on making that our biggest market within a couple of years.

The role

The best Sales Director ever!

We pride ourselves on hiring only great talent. People who dream of great things and have the passion and tenacity to pull them off. You should expect to be given a task, knock it out of the park and be rewarded for it. The right candidate will thrive on a high performance culture where you’re expected to shine and in return you can expect a high level of excellence from the team around you.

This role takes on the day to day sales responsibilities right across the state – both Agencies and ATDs.

The right candidate will be ridiculously connected in agency land (both digital and ATD contacts), a natural orator, deeply knowledgeable about digital media and have a creative flair. You’ll be a rising star who’s closing off each quarter over target and frustrated at the company you work for won’t let you grow at the rate you’re capable of. You’ll hate politics, red tape and sub standard product sets. You’ll have a heap of ideas that currently fall on deaf ears. Most of all, you’ll be ready to make a move into a company where all that gets flipped on its head.

Job Description

  • Job type: Full time
  • Location: Chicago
  • Supervisor / Manager: VP, Midwest Sales

Main duties / responsibilities

  • Spread the word about the PLAYGROUND XYZ offering to Media Agencies, Creative Agencies, Publishers and Brands direct.
  • Drive the adoption of our technology and tools
  • Lots of meetings and presentations
  • Uncover and respond to briefs for ideas, working with our Head of UX and Design for ideation / use cases of our ad formats
  • KPI’s and budgets based on actual usage of our technology
  • Travel as necessary

Skills / experience

  • 6+ years working in digital media and advertising
  • Proven track record of hitting and exceeding targets
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self starter, want to be on the fast track to success, driven, restless
  • Bachelors degree in relevant field (ie. marketing)

To apply

Send a CV to

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